3L Ludvigsen A/S was started 35 years ago by the Ludvigsen brothers in the kitchen of the family home. Today, the company is made up of four divisions, employing more than 100 designers, engineers, technicians and sales and support staff:


3L Office Products A/S – home to our wide range of self-adhesive, professional storage products and filing and presentation systems.


3L Consumer Products A/S – home to our self-adhesive photo storage and presentation products, as well as our wide range of adhesive products for scrapbooking.


3L PlentyPlay ApS – owns the trademark PlentyPlay®. Based on a unique and protected construction system, PlentyPlay® represents a wide range of quality products that inspire children to let their imagination run free and encourage them to live out their creative urge.

3L Teknik A/S – our manufacturing and production division, where we design and build the machines that produce all our products.


3L Innovation A/S – drawing on our extensive experience and technological know how, 3L Innovation provides a growing range of state of the art niche manufacturing and production solutions for selected external clients.


Our ever growing range of products and services are now sold in over 70 countries around the world, yet the innovative drive, pioneer spirit and personal integrity, which led to the company’s foundation, remain the key drivers of our business approach, and permeate all aspects of our thinking and our relationships with our many customers.


The company is still owned by the brothers, and its modern headquarters and production facilities are located only a few kilometres from where the company’s first products were designed, developed and manufactured. As a ‘one site’ company - all key aspects of R&D, manufacturing and production and sales and marketing are located in one place – we’re able to respond very rapidly and effectively to the demands of the markets we operate in, as well as explore and develop new concepts efficiently and quickly.


Proudly independent, both financially and intellectually, and extremely competitive, we’re not afraid to do things differently, in fact, we’d be rather upset if we found ourselves doing things the same way as everyone else, and that’s why we’re always searching for new and improved applications that will add value to and help redefine our customers’ existing needs and requirements.


For more information about 3L, our products and services and our distinctive approach to business, you’re welcome to contact us on +45 63 76 86 00, or by e-mail at mail@3L.dk.